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New year’s resolutions

Diet trigger warning.



At some point during my eating disorder, I felt so hungry that my brain tried to trick my body into being satisfied with baby food. Throughout the day I would eat a few “meals” of pureed baby food in order to try to satisfy my hunger.  My brain thought it worked but my body knew it didn’t. Looking back, I realize how ill I was for me to consider these as enough food to fuel my body for the entire day. In addition, some of them did not taste that good and I still ate them. I was THAT hungry.

With the New year’s resolution still in full force, I want to remind you that 25% of people who start a diet develop a full-blown eating disorder. In general, 95% of diets fail. This means that eventually your body will overdrive your brain to not restrict anymore and actually feed you (this is the part where you feel like a failure because you decided to “cheat” or binge during your diet). In addition, most dieters gain their weight back in 1-5 years since starting the diet.

How would you like it to be free from all these dietary rules? What if I could tell you you could accept your body and also nourish it for all the great things it does for you?

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