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” Dr. Kiersz diagnosed my chest pain as chostochondritis, which was a result of mild scoliosis. She said my ribs had shifted out of alignment and caused inflammation as a way to compensate for my back pain. After a few osteopathic manipulation therapy (OMT) treatments, I felt the pain subside and was no longer afraid to make sudden movements or even laugh – things that had caused me intense sudden pain before. These treatments offered me hope and relief. Dr. Kiersz did mention at the beginning of the sessions that for some patients, the body might counteract the adjustment by again shifting the position of the ribs. I found this to be the case for me so I ultimately stopped the treatment to gauge how my body would react without frequent adjustments. After one painful shift of a rib one evening, I awoke the next morning feeling fine. Although my ribs may not be aligned correctly, I no longer have chest pain and am free to laugh without worry. I could not be more thankful for Dr. Kiersz and I definitely recommend this treatment to others with a similar condition.” April B.

“Dr. Kiersz is absolutely amazing at OMT!  She changed my views on this style of medicine completely.  After seeing her a few times I had relief of my back pain that I had never experienced before.  I will recommend her over and over again to anyone I meet who is in pain. 10 out of 10!!!” – Brittain T.

“Dr. Kiersz and osteopathic manipulation have changed my world. I had no idea how much pain I was actually in before seeing her. After a life time of competitive volleyball my body was crumbling, and I was only 26. I’ve had surgeries, physical therapy, Aqua-therapy, chiropractic care, pain medications and other pain management techniques but nothing ever really worked. There were days that couldn’t even walk because my ankle and/or knee pain had become so severe.
I was referred to Dr. Kiersz by a supervisor of mine who knew about the osteopathic manipulation treatments but had not tried them. When we started, I didn’t really know what to expect. Most manipulative treatments are extremely painful for me, and then the pain relief doesn’t last. To say I went in with low expectations is an understatement  Then she started moving my body in what seemed like a completely random way. Nothing popped. Nothing felt uncomfortable. It was strange, but after about 4 weeks of treatments with Dr  Kiersz, my body felt better than it had in a decade. We worked our way backwards through my pain for the next couple of weeks  and found the source to be an injury that occurred when I was 12. I’m almost 30 now. I’ve been in pain that long without actual relief! Now that we’ve established the problem and have been able to addresses it, I only see her as needed. I still can’t believe that I thought it was normal to be in constant pain. She’s also been able to address some other issues of mine through osteopathic manipulation such as scalp sensitivity, muscle tension, and constipation.
10 out of 10, would ALWAYS recommend Dr. Kiersz and osteopathic manipulation over any other type of  conservative pain management. I wish I’d learned about her sooner.” – Tommie W.

” The OMT performed by Dr. Kiersz was immediately effective in eliminating the stabbing pain I had been experiencing in my lower back for months. It has been almost 6 weeks and that pain has not returned. The procedure was gentle and noninvasive.  Over the course of a month I received several treatments and felt improvement with each session. Dr. Kiersz is truly a hands on healer.” – Jane B.

” I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Kiersz Mueller for treating me for OMT. I started seeing her after I gave birth to my now almost 16 month old son, so she’s been working on my back for that long now.
She started seeing me because I was diagnosed with a herniated disk in my back. I’m in pain on a daily basis but with her help and OMT I feel like we have made progress; my back hurts less and usually about an hour after an OMT session I’m completely pain free and I’ve been able to touch my toes again without flinching in pain. I love that Dr. Kiersz Mueller is relentless. She doesn’t give up on me. Some days, the pain is greater than others. She’s constantly looking for solutions to my back pain. She’s a wonderful doctor. I trust her with my back and my health. She treats me with compassion and respect, and I leave her office either laughing or smiling. Sometimes I even need a hug, and she’s always there for me. Thank you, Dr. Kiersz Mueller!” – Alex R.

“I am a woman who fights chronic inflammation and pain at various times and in various parts of my body. I have had many doctors over the past few years, trying to find someone who would want to get to the bottom of my symptoms, providing solutions without throwing medications at me. My pharmacy account is filled with medications called in by previous doctors that I did not pick up! When I chose Dr. Kiersz-Mueller as my PCP, I was excited to see that she did OMT. I was hopeful that it would help my inflammation & pain. I didn’t know what to expect, but after seeing a chiropractor and not liking the abrupt, jerky, and forceful movements, I knew I needed & desired something much more gentle, but just as effective (if not more so). I was impressed the 1st time Dr Kiersz did the OMT. Using her hands, she was able to FEEL what was out of alignment, what needing adjusting, etc. She was able to diagnose WITH HER HANDS what the chiropractor needed an X-ray to see. I was sold and shocked at that 1st visit. Now, several visits later, I am a huge fan and never plan to see a chiropractor again. I have had hip pain and felt so much better the day after OMT. My back pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, etc., have all greatly improved as well. She recently used the dry needling method to address neck and shoulder pain and the next day, my range of motion was exponentially better. I was able to do things I hadn’t been able to do all week and the pain and tension eased significantly. Dr. Kiersz-Mueller knows her stuff and brings with her knowledge a great bedside manner, making you feel as though you’re talking with a friend who just happens to be a great doctor as well. I am so glad I made the decision to see her for OMT as my joints and muscles feel so much better under her care. I have referred friends as well and one has stated that she hasn’t felt this great in YEARS. What a testament to Dr. Kiersz-Mueller’s expertise!” – Jennifer R.

“I’ve had back pain since I had an accident while riding a horse at 12 years old. The pain became worse over time after multiple car accidents. The pain was constant and impeding me from working or exercising. I had 2 epidural injections and 4 other injections to help with the pain with no relief. I came in to see Dr Kiersz as per recommendation from my wife, who sees her for neck pain. After my first treatment with Dr Kiersz, my back pain became worse. I went back a week later as she had told me the pain could temporarily worsen after OMT. After that second treatment with Dr Kiersz, I felt back pain relief for the first time in 31 years. I went back for a few more sessions and was able to step into a gym for the first time in 7 years! I don’t know what sort of magic she does with her hands… but it works!” – Alexis C.

“Dr Kiersz, thank you so much! I feel much better! You are the!” – Maria R.

” I first went in to see Dr. Kiersz when I was experiencing a terrible migraine after 5 days in a row. This was my first ever migraine, and my vision and sight were so sensitive, I needed sunglasses and ear plugs to function. Within minutes, Dr. Kiersz was able to lightly and quickly touch my neck and shoulder area which immediately relieved all of my migraine symptoms. I was highly impressed and even more grateful for the relief. I saw Kiersz for a couple months after this and received painless treatments from her along with intermittent massages from a sports massage therapist. Kiersz has an incredible knowledge of the human body and was able to provide an immense amount of information about my personal body issues. My issues included built up tension from sitting incorrectly at my work desk, and my ribs coming out of place after physical activity due to my muscles attaching to them. I’m very tall and flexible which may be related to my issues. Kiersz worked with me to figure out how to continue working at my desk and perform physical activity without pain. Kiersz also has a strong sense of human value that shows in her work. She’s determined to solve any body issue, and I felt taken care of at every step. I now experience no pain and sporadically go get a massage when necessary to break up any built up tension or if I have a rib come out of place. I no longer need to go in for treatments. I learned a lot of vital things regarding my body from Kiersz, and I’m forever grateful for her passion and mastery.” – Taylor C.

” I cannot thank Dr. Kiersz enough for her help!  I had brain radiation and experienced severe brain swelling along with intense dizziness and head pain.  My quality of life was drastically compromised.  The dizziness and pain limited my driving and work capabilities. I felt like a fraction of my normal self.  Dr Kiersz began to administer OMT on my skull and neck and the benefits were tremendous!  Her OMT reduced the side effects drastically from the first treatment, and even more so after a few treatments. My dizziness and swelling lessened, increasing my cognitive function. I began to feel more like myself, which means everything to me after undergoing such a tough treatment as brain radiation.” – Krist G.

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