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Get rid of toenail fungus naturally!

So… I did a little experiment the day I found out I had fungus in my big toenail. the infection was likely due to using an old nail polish – thrown out IMMEDIATELY!

These are the before and after pictures and what I did to get rid of it:

The white stuff you see is the fungus. this is the most common fungal infection for nails:


I applied oregano oil once a day (usually at night) to the nail for 3 weeks:

After 3 weeks, the nail looked like this:


The little, faint, white lines are actually nail breakage.

just like that, naturally, FUNGUS WAS GONE!

Other conditions oregano oil is good for: viruses, bacterial infections, parasites. If you start with cold/cough symptoms, I recommend 1 capsule of oregano oil three times a day until symptoms resolve (usually takes me 2 days and I’m back to normal). If your symptoms persist after 5 days, please see your doctor. Please consult your physician before trying oregano oil treatment.

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